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    April 24, 2010


    The upcoming Catherine Hardwicke's Gothic horor fairytale The Girl With The Red Riding Hood has expanded its casting crew today. Previously, some may have already note that Amanda Seyfried will indeed playing the title role, loosely based from the popular children bedtime story.

    Shiloh Fernandez has been added in to play a woodcutter with whom Red falls in love. Now, we have three additional cast on the supporting roles.

    Max Irons (son of Jeremy Irons) will play the blacksmith who's due to marry Red in accordance to the familoes arrangement of marriage. Julie Christie will play Red's grandmother (probably not her's) that reminiscene the character from the original material. Gary Oldman, menawhile will play the "Witchfinder General" who must pawn the head of the wolf.

    Shooting will commence in Vancouver soon for the release in 2011.

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