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    April 24, 2010


    In some happier notes, Disney chairman Rich Ross announcing today in the press briefing at The Walt Disney HQ (yesterday at the time of writing) that a release date of 16 November 2012 is set for the sequel of 2001's Monster Inc. It has been a decade since we have some great time with Mike, Sulley and Boo. Frantically over the years there have been numerous rumours for a possible sequel will be on work and we have one announced now!

    Unfortunately, I am not sure if director
    Pete Docter (Up as well) might be returning for the director seat or not in Monster Inc 2. But it is save to say that this is an animation and it is by Pixar. I can only assumed that things would run off smoothly at the hands of Pixar considering their qualities in producing fine animation each year.

    On the other hand, Ross also said that the studio was about to give a greenlight for a new movie featuring the Muppets, titled
    Walter. Althought it was not clear when the movie is going to be release, but James Bobin will be directing this.


    Disney also revealed their plan regarding the retelling of the
    Winnie the Pooh in the traditional hand-drawn animation format. Also mentioned was a Tim Burton-led stop-motion animation called Frankenweenie - about a boy's revival of his lost dog.

    Another Pixar movie called
    John Carter of Mars - about a man who goes trhough the portal to Mars as imagined by author Edgar Rice Burroughs, was also highlighted with Wall-E writer Andrew Stanton will be handling the live action picture starring Taylor Kitsch. 2012 will be the release date (or rather year).

    Pixar's first ever fairytale film
    Brave (formerly known as The Bear and The Bow) was also been slowly developed at the studio. The film stars Reese Witherspoon and directed by Brenda Chapman will arrive in June 2012.

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