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    May 18, 2010


    News from Academy rarely hit our blog unless the season of Oscar hunting is around the corner. News of revamp on the Academy Awards continues after this year's bigger field of crops of ten movie vying for the Best Picture prize, when the executive committee members of the Motion Picture Academy's VFX has voted to expand the nominees for VFX categories from 3 to 5.

    With the voting done, the move must be now approved by the Acad's Awards Rules Committee and then by the Board of Governors. Both bodies usually defer to the branches on such matters, but changes of this scale are unusual, and approval is not automatic.

    Many believed that the move would help the Oscars to attract more popular movies into the show, thus setting a chance for films like Alice In Wonderland and Iron Man 2 and more upcoming highly VFX-feature to get a nod. The responses by the VFX studios have been very positive.

    SOURCE: Variety
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