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    May 28, 2010


    In this double story of casting news, we have Kack and Scream 4 to be dealt with.

    First off, the news has came in with John Cusack is going to play the lead role in Jack. Jack is the story of a serial killer who suffers amnesia. After recovering his true nature, he was forced to decide whether to stay on his dark acts or not. Empire has reported that John Cusack has agreed to play the role, from David Venable's script. He is not new with this kind of genre. In the past he has been convincing for his performances in 1408 and Identity. The director Brad Anderson is preparing for the August shooting.

    Next, the female lead on Scream 4 has changed hand. Last week, we reported that Ashley Greene will play the new lead role in the slasher Scream 4. Now it appears that things have been on the wrong way. Dimension has quickly found a new replacement or a new casting (am not sure either way) - Emma Roberts. However, there is no official word if Roberts is actually replacing or coming fresh into the film. With a script by franchise creator Kevin Williamson, Scream 4 will kick off shooting under the control of Wes Craven this June in Michigan.

    Lastly, we have a news on the latest for X-Men: The First Class. The younger version of Profeesor X or Charles Xavier will be played by *cough* James McAvoy (first shot to fame with Wanted). Kick-Ass' Matthew Vaughn is making the movie at the 20th Century Fox and the movie will introvert back in the earlier days of the X-Men saga. With a summer production planned and a June 2011 release date, we hope to see how this X-Men story could be as mesmerizing as the first X-Men. To be frank, I have never been interested in the saga but with the inclusion Matthew Vaughn, my opinion may change.

    SOURCES from Empire Online
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