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    May 9, 2010


    Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock could join the production of Fast 5. The former wrestling icon whom has been on the friendly side for so long will finally return to his comfort zone of more action and muscle pumping flicks. If he did sign in to join the fifth installment of the The Fast and Furious franchise, the casting group that already has Vin Diesel and Paul Walker will be extended yet again.

    According to Deadline, Johnson is considered a starring role in the movie and he would be a lawman which would put him up against the heroes. There isn’t much to talk about the details of plot on Fast 5 yet but we are expecting more engine upgrade, heist, undercover and girls in bikini.

    Whatever it is, Johnson’s involvement on Fast 5 makes him another stock property back in business of action films. He’s busy working on yet another fast cars and big guns in the thriller Faster and you shall see him quite soon once the Will Ferrell/Mark Wahlberg comedy The Other Guys arriving on theaters later this year.

    SOURCE: Empire Online, Deadline
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