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    May 9, 2010


    We are now entering closer to the release of The A-Team. With a month away, perhaps many could have been very please with the final trailer that 20th Century Fox has chalked up last month. You have more actions, more personals and certainly more ridiculous stuffs.

    Now with such a talk about how awesome the trailer is, 20th Century Fox has added four TV Spot that focus on each member of The A-Team. Here are the four half-minute long trailers for you to enjoy:

    First off, we have the character Hannibal (played by the British darling Liam Neeson). He is the leader and he is the one wild man that will send the boys to ridiculous missions to regain their honors.

    Next on the list is Faceman (played by Bradley Cooper). He is the trouble-shooter, expert in killing off one shot to down one man while he is in love with one girl that is chasing them.

    We also have B.A (played by Quinton Jackson), the ammunitions and vehicles experts. He can kick your ass so quickly that you cannot have retaliation back. Fearsome dude!!

    Lastly, we have Murdock (played by Sharlto Copley), the team’s expert in aviation. He can fly to escape and sort of like the tech-man on the team. He will provide you with some laughter and sometimes been unstable.

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