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    May 1, 2010


    Those who are watching Glee will surely never failed to notice Dianna Agron. She is the complicated cheerleader Quinn Fabray. Now off from the TV series, she has a major role in an upcoming film set for her. DJ Caruso-directed and already Alex Pettyfer and Sharlto Copley starring, I Am Number Four will have her as the main female lead.

    The story of a group of aliens taking refuge on Earth and posing as high-school students after their planet has been destroyed. While the enemy is still at gate, everything must be done to protect the aliens while their refuge at Earth. Previously we know Alex Pettyfer will play the title role Four while Sharlto Copley serves as his mentor. Theresa Palmer has been reported to snub the role of Six.

    Now, Agron will star as the romantic interest of Four, a normal human in which one of the scene where Pettyfer confessed to her that,"I am Number Four" and probably she will replied, "Huh??".

    I Am Number Four is based from an unpublished book by James Frey and Jobie Hughes. Al Gough and Miles Millar are writing the script while Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg are producing. It sounds big right?
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