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    May 7, 2010


    According to JJ Abrams, Super 8 has nothing to do with Cloverfield. He has updated the world with his mysterious project – never been heard before all these while but yesterday was the day when the news broke out and sending the whole world to go frenzy about it. Yesterday, we broke out the news that Super 8 will be another project that has something to do with Cloverfield; either a prequel or a sequel. This speculation rifled following the reported canister of film reel for this weekend’s opening of Iron Man 2 that may contain a secret teaser trailer for the Abrams’ project.

    Now, it matters nothing at all. The man himself has denied any rumours about it. Speaking to Vulture Blog, the site who first made claimed about the relationship with Cloverfield:

    You have to check [out the trailer]… But it has nothing whatsoever to do with Cloverfield, despite your expert reporting. I won’t be able to tell you until it’s done.
    JJ Abrams, producer

    Looks like we have to wait a few more days longer to dig out more about this secret project – Super 8. The truth is nobody knows what it is about besides something about the alien and the Super 8 film used back in the 70s. But I am speculating that the whole movie must have been shot using the Super 8 film. Any other guesses that sounds better? Leave your comment below.

    [UPDATE]: JJ Abrams is confirmed to direct while Steven Spielberg will produce the film under Paramount Pictures, Bad Robot production and Amblin Entertainment (not his usual DreamWorks). The movie will take place in 1979 and is believed to be a homage to Spielberg's 70's and 80's extra-terrestrial films. According to Slash Film, the teaser trailer was shot independently of the film a month ago while the principal photography will only starts in Fall 2010. Despite the rumour of another handheld-shooting style, the movie will be shot traditionally. The studio has placed the movie for a Summer 2011 release although it is highly possible that 27 May is the date, considering MI4 has bumped to the Christmas 2011!

    SOURCE: Screen Rant
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