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    May 7, 2010


    Back in 2008, Bryan Bertino made this movie called The Strangers. It looked freaking decent but I think the movie has a few flaws to be forgotten. Anyway the home invasion thriller made substantial box office cash back then.

    Zooming in to 2010, Bryan Bertino will be making This Man for Sam Raimi’s Ghost House Pictures. This Man doesn’t sounds anything but it was reported that it will be an intriguing little premise that revolves around some ordinary man with nightmares where he met some unknown peoples that he never knew. Ghost House has acquired rights to a website that was created by Italian sociologist Andrea Natella to connect those who saw the actual man in their dreams.

    Deadline reports that Raimi has been calling the new production as “a hair raising story that will be sure to delight horror fans.” I trust Raimi because he is good in making you feel horror. We shall wait for more on this horror flick! Chances are it could be better than The Strangers. Why? You can count on Sam Raimi’s freaking horror Drag Me To Hell.

    SOURCES: Empire Online, Deadline
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