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    May 7, 2010


    Here is some news about magical numbers and figures. For the record book, Iron Man 2 will arrives in theaters on Thursday midnight (early Friday) with the widest initial theatrical count in the history – by going 4380 locations, beating previous record holder The dark Knight with a margin of 14 locations victory.

    On the latest predictions by the box office aggregators in Stateside, Iron Man 2 may scores US$ 145 to US$ 160 million on the 3-day opening weekend. This poised to beat The Dark Knight and give the cape-crusader a run of its 22-months record of US$ 158.4 million. It should be a fingernail-biting through the end.

    Iron Man 2 has already forked up US$ 100 million overseas on 53 markets over the weekend. As of Tuesday, the number swells to US$ 121 million.

    On the local front, Iron Man 2 posted the number one on Malaysia. Cinema Online, the local movie site reported that Iron Man 2 opened ahead of the fellow sequel-box office battle with Ip Man 2. The box office number posted was US$ 1.8 million or about RM 5.85 million. The number is however far shy from the box office record held by last year’s Transformers 2 (about RM 8 million)

    SOURCES: Deadline, Box Office Mojo
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