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    May 26, 2010


    The last time we talked about Resident Evil 4, we have ourselves a breathtaking trailer that borrows a lot from The Matrix. we also have a few images back then and we found out that Wentworth Miller as the iconic Resident Evil hero Chris Redfield is somehow missing.

    This time we have some. By the way, go back here to view those images again, and couple with these new one, what say you?

    Thanks to Screen Rant and the folks at UGO, we have three more images to gaze on and Miller is in two of those.

    Miller (Prison Break) will join Milla Jovovich in the film as Chris Redfield, a brawny warrior and protagonist of the original Resident Evil video game. The character will make his on-screen debut in this new film as he follows Alice to Los Angeles – the setting for the latest battle between the Undead and some of the last surviving remnants of humanity.

    Here's the trailer again to warm things up:

    Paul WS Anderson's back for the directorial on the franchise since the first Resident Evil back in 2002, will definitely wants you to see it - in glorious 3D and Avatar's technology coming in this September.
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