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    May 26, 2010


    Last week, Green Tea Movie reported that either Megan Fox is fired or opted out from the production of Michael Bay's Transformers 3. It is no longer a secret that the brawl of words between the two has uninspire Bay to consider her out.

    While rumours in the last few days have been pointing out that some Victoria's Secret model will get a role to replace Megan Fox as Shia LaBeouf's Sam Witwicky's love interest, today the news article at Screen Rant and Deadline confirms it all.

    Indeed, Victoria's Secret model was role in. She is Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, whom has no acting experience. Well, when Megan Fox was first role into the franchise in 2007, she has not much acting experience either. At least, I think what Bay did will be similar to how Megan Fox getting fame from and he is doing the same on the model too. This is partly a bad news for outlook of the third film, after suffering a bomb-blast-down to its core with critically panning the second film for non-sense story.

    Director Michael Bay and writer Ehren Kruger are finalizing the script and production began on May 17th. The first scenes to be shot for the lead female role begin in about two weeks. Did Bay make a correct choice by casting her in?
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