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    May 14, 2010


    According to Radio Big Boy (via Collider), Nick Fury and his SHIELD agency may get a proper movie treatment! This will only happen, of course, after The Avengers is ready and gone. Samuel L Jackson whom has nine movies deal with Marvel for his outing as the SHIELD top director, Nick Fury or otherwise known in Iron Man 2 as Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistic Division, talks to the guys at Radio Big Boy that:

    The Avengers starts shooting sometime next year, and after that there'll be a big SHIELD movie.

    The whole Avenger business at the Marvel Studio is getting everyone excited. It all started out two years ago when Iron Man and Hulk were released. To continue the string of the pavement for the ultimate project, we have Iron Man 2. Then, Thor and Captain America will be in for next year's grand candy treat before the bigger adventure - The Avengers outing together for 2012 release. No doubt, marvel has been dominating the headline these days while rival DC Comics is pretty much on the silent mode.

    So, is this planned SHIELD movie part of the nine movie deal? Yes, of course. But then again, the movie will only materialize after The Avengers take place in 2012. What kind of story it may take? Not sure although Jackson did hint that "War Machine will turn up a lot in future Marvel installments." Who will be in this movie? Probably one of those 3,000 agents in within the organization will kick some butts with Jackson. Rather the most convenient will be Scarlett Johanssson's Black Widow and Clark Gregg's Agent Coulson can return for another duty call.

    Anything is possible since all these speculation is still not yet elaborated by Marvel Studio themselves. We shall wait for the details.

    SOURCES: Radio Big Boy, Empire Online, Collider
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