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    May 6, 2010


    There is a new rumoured secret project in town and you can’t deny the fact that JJ Abrams is good at playing with those stuffs. Remember the 2008’s Cloverfield? Yes, at first when that piece of trailer with decapitated Statue of Liberty’s head thrown to the main road of New York, sending the head to be tumbling down few miles came out into cinema, everyone was left into quiz over what exactly could that be. Speculation based mainly on its monster and the hypes began running wild ever since till the day when Cloverfield was open. So in a nutshell, Cloverfield launched with a trailer before anyone knew it existed!

    Now, some sources has indicated that those in United States who are looking forward for this week’s Iron Man 2 will be treated with some goody from JJ Abrams – and it is again a heavily guarded teaser trailer with no immediate understanding of what it is. According to the many sources on the net, the title of the movie is Super 8 and many have been pointing out that Super 8 may have something to do with Cloverfield. I have not watched yet and I have no idea how it will be.

    Hitfix pointed out a special case that believed to be the reason why all of the above may be indeed true as a possible sequel, although I still prefer to wait until this weekend to clear things up. They pointed to the fact that there’s a locked canister containing reels of Iron Man 2 that can only be open on Thursday afternoon, meant to protect the secrets of the movie’s post-credit scene and a teaser for Super 8.

    Then in Vulture NY Magazine, [SPOILER] insiders tells them that the trailer will shows a bunch of kids who are shooting a movie with Super 8 camera 30 years ago and only later after that they notice that there’s an alien creature in the frames of their video. (That makes a viable prequel to Cloverfield)

    In Super 8, Abrams will again stay out as a producer and will not directing it. The trailer will be out after this weekend and you may start to speculate and talk about it for the next months now!

    SOURCES: Empire Online, HitFix, Vulture Blog
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