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    June 7, 2010


    Week 22/2010
    US BOX OFFICE WEEKEND 28-31 May 2010

    This weekend on the first week of June,the US Box Office remained weak despite having four new releases. Shrek Forever After continued the reign at number one with a weak number. Universal's Sarah Marshall's spin-off, Get Him To The Greek failed to overthrown the green ogre but remain a strong solid start for a comedy. Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Hiegl's Killers opened at third while holdovers Prince Of Persia and Sex And The City 2 dropped to conclude the top five. Marmaduke has a dismay sixth while horror Splice is almost neglected, opening at eight.

    The three days estimated gross for the Top 10 this weekend was around $119.9 m, down by somewhat 24% from the same time frame last year and 16% from last week. The Hangover debuted on the weekend last year and was a surprise sleeper hit, opened at $45 m for the Warner Bros.

    NUMBER 1
    Shrek Forever After still at number one, grossing another $25.3 m or 41.6% drop from last weekend, for a total of $183.043 m after 17 days. By comparison of the franchise, the previous three made $148.36 m, $314.52 m and $255.93 m (Shrek, Shrek 2 and Shrek The Third, respectively) at the same point. The third weekend gross was the lowest among the four film, although boosted by its over-priced 3D charges. The weekend's gross includes 62% from 3D, while attendance is lower by 30% from the first Shrek.

    NUMBER 2
    It is nothing like The Hanover or Knocked Up, but Get Him To The Greek opened to a respectable $17.423 m on estimate at 2,697 theater counts (average: $6,460). The number is enough to place The Greek at number three among musical comedy; behind Be Cool (2005, $23.45 m) and School Of Rock (2003, $19.62 m). The Russell Brand-Jonah Hill survived the bomb and instead achieved a respectable 75% Rotten Tomatoes rating, going on well with the critics. It has a surprisingly great comedic and we in Malaysia will be able to watch it on september 2 (with lots of cuts and 18+ rating!) [Consensus from Rotten Tomatoes: Thanks to a suitably raunchy script and a pair of winning performances from Jonah Hill and Russell Brand, Get Him to the Greek is one of the year's funniest comedies.]

    NUMBER 3
    The partnership of Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Hiegl was a surprising one. The two headlined Killers, a true dumbass action-ridden with a couple, a real cheap take on once mighty Mr and Mrs Smith! Killers, despite the 15% rating on RT, still grossed $16.1 m but relatively lower than The Bounty Hunter ($20.7 m) and Date Night ($25.2 m). The prospect of this film will tend to follow the former pattern, rather than a strong staying power of Date Night. My review on this will up soon but frankly speaking, the Lionsgate title is somehow a confused marketing and the movie *sucks* big time! [Consensus from Rotten Tomatoes: Dull, formulaic, and chemistry-free, Killers is an action/comedy that's largely bereft of thrills or laughs.]

    NUMBER 4
    Prince of Persia: The Sands Of Time did not hold on that well but a 54% drop is a standard. Although it did not performed as well as comparable titles like The Mummy 3 or Pirates of the Caribbean did, the movie's second week's drop was not as large as the comparable titles, the movie is still hanging on to try to break in the century million club - although it is going to be tough! With $13.85 m, the Jerry Bruckheimer-produced video game has grossed $59.46 m after 10 days. If the current pace held, it should be a shy away from reaching the $100 m. Looks like marketing did not fare well for Disney. Not a bad and not a good figure at the same time!  [Review of Prince Of Persia: The Sands of Time is here]

    NUMBER 5
    Sex and the City 2 again performed bitter than its predecessor. The sequel dropped 59% (the first one dropped by 63% from first week take) although it must be highlighted that the first Sex And The City still have a much higher total than the sequel. News came in this week that the film has been banned in UAE, which the sequel supposed to take place with its desert background. The second week take was $12.7 m for a total of $ 73.4 m after 11 days. By comparison, the first film reached $100 m at the same period.

    Here is the Top 10 Box Office in United States for the 04-06 June 2010

    Rank Movie Title Weekend Gross ($) Total Gross ($)
    1 Shrek Forever After 25,300,000 183,043,000
    2 Get Him To The Greek 17,423,000 17,423,000
    3 Killers 16,100,000 16,100,000
    4 Prince Of Persia: The Sands of Time 13,854,000 59,456,000
    5 Sex and the City 2 12,650,000 73,434,000
    6 Marmaduke 11,300,000 11,300,000
    7 Iron Man 2 7,783,000 291,294,000
    8 Splice 7,450,000 7,450,000
    9 Robin Hood 5,133,000 94,262,000
    10 Letters to Juliet 2,950,000 43,251,000

    *Note: All figures are estimated only. Courtesy of BOX OFFICE MOJO.
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