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    June 7, 2010


    John Carpenter is the household name in horror film. Like his compatriot, Wes Craven, they have filled the world with their intriguing and masterpiece-like horror flick over the years. John Carpenter has been quite silent since his last Ghost of Mars movie back in 2001.

    If any of the fans out there missing his works, fear not, the 62-year-old filmmaker is set to return into the silver screen with his latest The Ward. Not only that, news over the weekend also pointed out that Carpenter is set to direct a vampire horror Fangland with Oscar winner Hillary Swank sets to star. Fangland is based on the novel of same name by John Marks, in which Swank will play Evangeline Harker, a producer on a 60 Minutes-esque show, who travels to Transylvania to do a story on a Romanian gangster. While there, she discovers a monstrous secret and is abducted. Months later, she is found recuperating in a monastery with no memory of what happened. But after she returns to New York, strange occurrences begin that nobody can explain.

    Yeah, another vampire story? Perhaps it can be a Dracula don't it? Well, I don't think many can distinguish the differences since both are blood suckers anyway. Can John Carpenter regain his glorious days again with the recent new productions on him?

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