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    June 29, 2010


    Over the weekend, ComingSoon reported that producer Christopher Meledandri has spoke to them during press junket of Despicable Me regarding the on fire rumor about an animated version of The Addmas Family. Meledandri confirmed that such project is now on the go with involvement by Tim Burton and under Illumination Entertainment and Universal Pictures.

    Back in March, it was heavily rumored that this animated version of the comics ran by Charles Addams in The New Yorker would be the next project for Tim Burton, who we knew has big fat money occupied from making Alice In Wonderland for Disney recently. However, Burton has not lined up any possible next project yet although he has plenty of them been attached in. Meledandri hoped that Burton will indeed direct the animation, which supposedly a stop-motion and in 3D.

    Meledandri stressed that the project is still in its initial stage and the studio has already geared up for a stop-motion, based closely to the original comics than the previous film or television adaptations.
    It's all very, very early, but we are developing with [Tim Burton directing] in mind... We're just now at the story phase. Stuff has been written as though we are doing it in black and white, but that's not correct. It's not incorrect, but it's not correct. We haven't gotten to that point.
    Christopher Meledandri, producer.

    A check at Screen Rant reviewed that The Addams Family is not the only thing Burton is currently eyeing for. There are several others to choose for - Dark Shadows, Monsterpocalypse, Frankenweenie, Mai the Psychic Girl, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and Maleficent. So will Burton choose Addams over the others?

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