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    June 8, 2010


    Oscar nominee Stanley Tucci and Neal McDonough have confirmed their casting in The First avenger: Captain America.

    Tucci, 49, was nominated Best Supporting Actor earlier this year for his performance as the pedophile and killer in The Lovely Bones. Now, Marvel Studios has decided to cast Tucci as Dr Abraham Erskine, the scientist in the Marvel universe who created 'Project Rebirth' or the super-soldier program in which Steven Rogers will turn into Captain America; thus expanding the movie into somewhat supersaturated in terms of casting power. Tucci will appear in The First Avenger: Captain America which is on production at the moment.

    Neal McDonough also confirmed his casting into Captain America yesterday during an interview with MTV after making an appearance on the red carpet for MTV Movie Awards. He went on to elaborate his role in the movie - Timothy Dum Dum Dugan, which effectively confirmed all those early talks recently. His role will currently spans on two movie: Captain America and The Avengers. Here's what he had to say during the interview yesterday:
    I’m so excited — I’m playing Dum Dum Dugan… It’s going to be a blast with Chris [Evans], Sam Jackson, Tommy Lee Jones and everyone else. It’s going to be fantastic. We’re going to tear it up!
    Neal McDonough

    With the casting of both actors, they joined the already swollen castings of The First Avenger: Captain America which include Chris Evans (Captain america), Hugo Weaving (Red Skull), Hayley Atwell (love interest), Sebastian Stan (Bucky the sidekick), Dominic Cooper (Howard Stark), Tommy Lee Jones and Toby Jones. I wonder who else they want to bring in?
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