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    June 29, 2010


    Sony Screen Gems previously had this movie released this coming August but then pushed back to the blizzard winter months. But recent inclusion of 3D feel pushes the movie again for next May release. Priest has a sort of problems for making the dateline but with Sony bumping it to a summer start, it seems that they have plenty of faith in it. For those who have been following Priest closely, we know that the movie is currently under post-production works on refurbishing them into a more eye-popping 3D styles.

    Bloody Disgusting updated the Scott Stewart's second direction which is based on TokyoPop adaptation, originally a comic written by Hyung Min-Woo, with a fresh hi-resoultion image. Priest which sets 100 years from now, stars Paul Bettany (second time teaming with Stewart after lackluster Legion back in January) who turn his back against the church, sworn to fight the vampires after the abduction of his niece. Karl Urban is the vampire leader, a Satanist.

    Cam Gigandet (The Unborn, Pandorum, The Roommate, Twilight), Madchen Amick, Stephen Moyer ("True Blood"), Maggie Q., Christopher Plummer, Brad Dourif, and Alan Dale also star. For the piece of hi-resolution image, go to after jump.

    There are some major outcry amongst the community who has loved the comic book ever since its first publication in 1998. The outcry is mainly attached to the idea of changing the central story and characters, especially the two leads. While I have never read the comic before but it should be interesting to see how Stewart tackles this on a different side. After all, many are actually anticipating this one more than they hope for anything on Legion. Priest will arrive on May 13, 2011.
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