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    June 29, 2010


    Gamers and movie-goers know the differents between a game and a movie. Those platforms of amusement provide different types of entertainment to the users. Games are usually more interactive while a movie provides a third-person view of a story of something. Likewise, both entertainment can still be fun or bored you to dead or worst been crappy! However, Hollywood has make the line between a game and a movie very blur these days. Proof? You have Prince Of Persia movie and you also have Resident Evil movies. Be assured, not every movie based on games is a failure; while not all is successful either.

    Just when you thought games from PS3, XBox or simple GameBoy were the main target for Hollywood make-over, think again! Nobody sees this coming but now you have one - Facebook games. Pajiba reported that Facebook's phenomenon game all about been a thud and Mafia will be made into a movie. I'm sure many will be thrilled or shocked to hear this but yes, Mafia Wars is being made into a movie (soon). For more details, make an after jump at Read More.

    Mafia Wars, a game developed by Zynga with a reported 25.9 million people are playing it, is like Sims for the Mafia. Master jobs to earn money and experience, grow your little criminal empire and be a boss of yourself. So it is true now that with all these little crimes on virtual world, Mafia Wars has proven itself worthy enough to become the first Facebook game to get a movie deal. So, what's next? Pet Society, FarmVille and Restaurant City? Don't laugh when I say that because once Mafia Wars movie done, other will be coming in fast and loud as well.

    So, which idiots are making this? Ted Field and Radar Pictures are reportedly on the midst of developing the project with writing sessions are about to begin. Given the films that were produced by Radar Pictures includeSwing Vote, All about Steve, The Box and Everybody's Fine - chances are Mafia Wars will be heading on a similar doom!!

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