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    June 5, 2010


    The answer to the title question is almost certain. The English-language remake of the popular dark thriller from Sweden (The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo) is no doubt been one of the most talked about stuffs in Hollywood at the moment. I have watched the Swedish version just yesterday and I have to say it is brilliant. Taking aside from a standard and typical thriller, this one builds step by step from mystery to answer, while it gave away an energetic and diligently crafted story line. Carey Mulligan is rumoured to take the lead role but the producer has shot down her involvement.

    However, news came in as quick as yesterday that they may have found the right one to fill in the male lead. Who? None other than James Bond himself - Daniel Craig. Screen Rant sums up what Deadline and The Wrap were reporting and apparently Craig is in negotiation and is almost locking a deal to play the role of journalist, Mikael Blomkvist (although there are chances that they are going to alter the character's name). Sony Pictures however came out with a statement as follow:
    We have not offered any roles to anyone nor are we negotiating with anyone.
    Sony rep

    Craig is currently on production for Jon Favreau's Cowboys And Aliens while his pivotal Bond 23 was put on hold and delayed indefinitely by studio MGM. So it looks like Craig will be able to fit in after he finish shooting the former by October - the starting date for the production of the remake to kick-off.

    If you ask me if Craig is suitable choice for the role which Michael Nyqvist took in the original thriller, I would say why not? The picture below tells some of their similarities. I guess it won't hurt to wait for another few moments to see if things are truly as spoken. I would love to see Craig-Mulligan tackling the remake. Scott Rudin produces, David Fincher directs from Steve Zaillian's script.

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