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    June 4, 2010


    Here comes the weekend again and nothing better is on except some trailer. So, Gulliver's Travels poster was online earlier this week on Green Tea Movie and it looks like Mr Jack Black was strapped to the ground. But now no more, he is a giant in a foreign land and enchanted one that filled with very tiny people. The trailer for Gulliver's Travels has landed online and it shows Black on his yet again the ever same kind of character.

    In Gulliver's Travels, he is a going-nowhere mail clerk who tries to flirt with travel editor Darcy (Amanda Peet). She was impressed on his writing - obviously, a fraud and plagiarized article; she sent him into the Bermuda Triangle and so into this place called Lilliput.

    Yes, if you are familiar with the Gulliver's Travels novel, you know  there are four parts - the first one was Lilliput. Enough said, here is the first trailer:

    On another new trailer, Lionsgate released another round of promo trailer for its upcoming late summer action film The Expendables, which collectively has all the greatest action star they can ever find. This promo has no footage, merely only names and voice over. Here is the teaser for you:

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