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    June 12, 2010


    Cleopatra once used up all the money in the hands of 20th Century Fox and became by default, one of the most expensive film ever made. Because of the legendary Egyptian queen, it almost made studio 20th Century Fox bankrupted. Fear not now, all probably you should! The new Cleopatra may need to fork out enough money if their ambition is to have Angelina Jolie stars and to take on the role of Cleopatra.

    Apparently, Jolis is the top choice for the producer Scott Rudin and how I'm not surprise at all. Recently, Steven Soderbergh has his own version of 3D musical adaptation of Cleopatra before things fell apart. Now, Rudin is really pushing everything in with his own version based on Stacy Schiff's book Cleopatra: A Life. Speaking to USA Today, Schiff mentioned and Rudin's office confirmed that the film is definitely in development "for and with" Angelina Jolie to play the lead role.

    Angie should not have any problem for the kind of ancient queen when you need one. Just look how she fitted into the role of Olympias in Olver Stone's almost dud Alexander. Yeah, the movie was a dud but it did some savoring faces elsewhere. But the question to consdier is who will play Marc Anthony and Julius Ceaser then?

    SOURCE: The Playlist
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