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    June 2, 2010


    So the TV series that I never get it - Lost has ended in a mixed tone. Its star Josh Holloway or better known as James "Sawyer" Ford - a character that you both like and hate for, is currently reported to be engaged in a talk with Marvel Studios for an unspecific role.

    Sources from Collider and Screen Rant have that the 40-year-old model-turns-actor may get involved in one of those future projects at the studio. Screen Rant also speculated that although at this time, no official word on which character Holloway will be enrolled with, rumour has that Holloway is an intriguing choice for the role of Henry Pym or Ant-Man, while the role also has previously been rumoured to be Nathan Fillion's (Firefly TV series) too.

    It remains a mystery that should be solved on Marvel Studios soon. I have been looking forward for the July's Comic-Con to see what shall be Marvel Studios camp announcement will be. There are too many rumours at this point - whether Jeremy Renner will be Hawkeye, the development on the other Avenger projects, S.H.I.E.L.D. spin-offs, etc. If Ant-Man is the indicator, then it shall be - as we all know that Ant-Man is set to debut in The Avenger and Edgar Wright has already been attached to direct a follow-up solo adventure of that character.

    SOURCES: Collider, Screen Rant
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