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    June 23, 2010


    The Hollywood Reporter reported that both John Lithgow and Freida Pinto are coming on board to the prequel to Planet Of The Apes, as confirmed by 20th Century Fox. The Rupert Wyatt's direction which aimed for release next June already have James Franco already casted last month, playing a scientist who have been working on a cure for Alzheimer's.

    The story of Rise Of The Apes should be a no surprise one after all but here are some details about its story after all. The genetic engineering research in finding the cure is conducted on a bunch of apes. According to Heat Vision, One of the test subject named Caesar evolves rapidly and the scientist has no choice but to take him home to live with and protects him from cruel doctors. John Lithgow will play Franco's Alzheimer's-stricken dad while Slumdog Millionaire star Freida Pinto will play a primatologist.

    Shooting will start soon in British Columbia for a release date on 24 June 2011. The script is written by Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver with Peter Chernin on producer's seat. It was previously reported in Green Tea Movie that the special effects will be provided by Peter Jackson's WETA. The apes will be in CGIs rather than the prosthesis technique you have seen in 2001's Tim Burton's version. I am excited to see how will this movie head to considering nobody really bother to look on Tim Burton's version of Planet Of The Apes, not even mark Wahlberg.

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