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    June 22, 2010


    Yahoo Movie premiered the first theatrical trailer for Sony's upcoming crime busting pair of The Green Hornet. The movie will be presented in 3D is scheduled to open on January 14, 2011. I will comment briefly about the trailer after this.

    The Green Hornet, is an upcoming superhero action film from Sony. It is taken from the popular radio and TV series that revolves around the character of Green Hornet/Britt Reid, a newspaper publisher, who is secretly the masked crimefighter and his sidekick Kato, an Asian valet and sidekick, who is expertly proficient in martial arts. The one-season TV series during the 60s was so popular, when Bruce Lee was Kato and Van Williams was the Green Hornet. Remember, it was Bruce Lee, yes that Bruce Lee! In the new version, Seth Rogen and Jay Chou will play the vital roles, while the film will also stars Cameron Diaz and Christoph Waltz.

    Read after the jump for commentary.


    The production of The Green Hornet was an uphill to begin with. First, we have Stephen Chow expected to direct and to star in it; only to have it leave out at the final dawn before production even begin. Everyone is expecting Stephen Chow to do his first international film in Hollywood, but those will not materialized sooner. After Chow out, Michael Gondry (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) took over the directorial job and Taiwanese singer heartthrob Jay Chou was casted for his first international role in Hollywood. Not enough of that, back in April, there were rumours that Sony execs showing displeasure from the final product and wants an immediate change. That was quickly debunked by Sony. Then news have that the movie will be rescheduled to allow 3D conversion (sounds much like how Warner dealt with Clash of the Titans). In a nutshell, many expecting it will be a FAIL MOVIE!!

    However, early this morning (in America), Yahoo Movie released the first look into the movie and I particularly find the 148-seconds trailer very engaging, stylish actionized and looks fun. This reminds me of The Spirit or something like Jonah Hex, but looking at the bright side, it will be much better than those two. Seth Rogen and Jay Chow are two household names that will play into more audience. Seth Rogen is a comedian while Jay Chow will be on his first test on the American market. Usually, I don't like Chow in any Chinese movies he is in (except Secret). Judging by the trailer, he looks set to steal some show and he looks so much better than in any of those Chinese movie.
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