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    July 25, 2010


    Remember when GREEN TEA MOVIE Talked about World War Z? Yeah, it's been a while since any attention was projected to the Max Brook's 2006 best-selling novel World War Z. It comes by no surprise that Brad Pitt is the name attached to the project ever since his production company Plan B bought the rights for the movie.

    Now, it's been confirmed that Brad Pitt will be the man to lead the movie, all thanks to the exclusive report from MTV. While chatting with Brooks, beans have been spilled off. The actor has long been rumored as a potential lead for the film, but Brooks received the call confirming Pitt's attachment (and the other "Survival Guide" deals) while signing copies of the books at the Avatar booth tonight (Wednesday, July 21) during Preview Night at Comic-Con.

    World War Z is about the future that world holds as the humanity embrace themselves on the war against the zombies. Does it feel tiring that yet again zombies are the subject matter? Probably the fatigue feeling is kicking in but we hope the movie is something special and the name Max Brooks and the best selling novel phrases come in with great hopes. In the mean time, Brooks also revealed that Plan B and Paramount Pictures have also optioned two of his other zombie related materials: The Zombie Survival Guide and The Zombie Survival Guide: Recorded Attacks, for movie adaptation.

    World War Z is aiming for a release on Summer 2012 with director Marc Foster (Quantum of Solace) is attached for the project.

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