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    July 31, 2010


    Production for the English-language version of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is starting up real soon. Updates from Screen Rant has at least some thing to share for. The recent announcement that Daniel Craig will star as the hournalist Mikael Blomkvist has escalated more interests on the movie itself. Craig is currenlty shooting for Jon Favreau's Cowboys And Aliens and is expected to start the new project right after that. Screen Rant has some details and updates.

    Here are some notable updates revolving the project at Sony Pictures:
    1) Director David Fincher insisted that the setting for the American remake movie to remain in Sweden.
    2) With Daniel Craig filling the shoe of Mikael Blomkvist, is now up to who ever of the four potential actress to fill up the opposite role of Lisbeth Salander. They are Sophie Lowe, Sarah Snook, Rooney Mara (upcoming The Social Network) and Lea Seydoux (Robin Hood). See the candidates' profile below:
    SOPHIE LOWE (Australia, 19, previously seen in Beautiful Kate)

    SARAH SNOOK (Australia, N/A, relatively unknown)

    ROONEY MARA (USA, 24, previously seen in A Nightmare At Elm Street)

    LEA SEYDOUX (France, 25, previously seen in Robin Hood and Inglourious Basterds)

    3) The one front-runner Carey Mulligan may no longer in the running because it was reported that Fincher is determined to have Salander's character very faithful to the novel's version.
    4) The American remake has recently been tapped for a definite R-rated version, staying true to the unorthodox and graphic visualization of the Steig Larsson's novel.
    5) Fincher has no plan to adapt the sequel yet (The Girl Who Played With Fire), insisting that "You got to make one [movie] that people want to see a sequel to before you can make a sequel."

    We should be hear more about this movie project soon because we believe the name of the actress that will fill in the character Salander should make into the headline soon. The American version of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo will be released in December 2011.

    SOURCE: Screen Rant
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