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    July 1, 2010


    A sigh of relief. Yesterday I reported that Mafia Wars - the Facebook game all about thugs and Mafia activity, been developed into a movie is apparently only a rumor. The report from Pajiba sounded very convincing but today all hell of truths break loose.

    Treat this as an update from what you have read previously. It looks like Mafia Wars will at the moment remain as a game on Facebook and no planning for a movie adaptation yet. Risky Business run an article that despite those rumors that came out these days, they managed to get people responsible from Radar Pictures to confirm it. Radar exec Mike Webber stated and even joked, "It's starting to sound like a good idea for a movie."

    Risky Business also managed to dig out a marginally related project under Radar called The Plumber which the company has try to make since 2004. Based on Joseph Salerno and Stephen J. Rivele's 1990 nonfiction book, "The Plumber: The True Story of How One Good Man Helped Destroy the Entire Philadelphia Mafia," the film tells the story of a plumber who took down the Philadelphia mob.

    Meanwhile on another devlopment, Warner Bros has also announced that they are developing a gangster movie called Tales from the Gangster Squad, a supposedly action ensemble project that sets in 1940s LAPD unit set up to fend the growing influence of East Coast Mafia in the city, a true story depicted from Paul Lieberman series of LA Times articles. Will Beall is expected to write a screenplay and Warner Bros aims to make this film a similar one as the Best Picture winner The Departed. Well, another rumor debunked, another action gangster thriller is here! Tell me what do you think about Mafia Wars movie been just nothing but a rumor.

    SOURCES: Risky Business, Kotaku, First Showing, picture credit from Slash Film
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