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    June 30, 2010


    If you think that cheating deaths are excitingly ridiculous nowaday, try imagine yourself buying MYR19 3D ticket to watch people die in sequence after cheating deaths by seeing some awkward premonition (plus in eye-popping 3D!). Does that sounds anything familiar to you? Or which is more fun I ask? Well apparently we were fooled that the fourth Final Destination was the last. New Line Cinemas think it would be fun to add another one. Yes, they have been planning all of these fifth Final Destination for quite sometimes now.

    Last April, New Line Cinemas greenlight the fifth installment in the aging Final Destination franchise with Eric Hesserier was hired to script the movie. Earlier this month, James Cameron protege, steven Quale has signed up to direct the new movie. Now we have more key updates on the fifth installment.

    A run across Bloody Disgusting revealed two things, are you ready? Since I won't let you know that soon, read about some key details after the jump.

    1. The fifth Final Destination movie is now entitled 5nal Destination. What you say? Yes, I repeat. 5nal Destination. A smart but also a dumb play on the title itself. Is this sort of like cool to have such titles? Or lese, one can accepted the fact that Universal has named 2 Fast 2 Furious before.
    2. SPOILER: The story that anchors the fifth installment will deal about people cheating deaths from a suspension bridge collapse.

    For those eagerly waiting for the new adventure of seeing people cheats death but later died one by one, 5nal Destination will arrive on August 2011. Shooting commences soon in 3D.

    SOURCE: Empire Online, Bloody Disgusting
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