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    July 5, 2010


    It comes to no surprise at all. In the new era where all Hollywood studios are racing for 3D shots for their tentpole franchise, Transformers 3 will be following the trend too. Fortunately, the Transformers 3 won't be dealing on post-production conversion. God Bless Transformers! Post-production 3D conversion has been hurting many movies like Warner's Clash Of The Titans and recently uttered as the worst movie of the year, Paramount's The Last Airbender.

    So what do we know from the production of Transformers 3 so far in regards of 3D usage? We used to report that director Michael Bay has been on the fence about 3D, stating that 3D camera systems were too cumbersome to shoot action sequences. However, those decision of using 3D has finally confirmed and Bay will have to use them for the shooting which is currently underway. Market Saw stated that the production team will use Ari Alexa 3D camera to shoot, a system which is similar to the one that will be used by Martin Scorsese for his upcoming Hugo Cabret.

    While I am not fancy of those extra ticket pricing for just a sub-convulsive 3D experience, I am not on anything to against the team to do the robotic battle epic crap in 3D. Well, genuine 3D shooting will always be better than post-production one . Nevertheless, since they are affirmative on the decision to do Transformers 3 in 3D, I wish them the best to not screw it into another crap. So far, all those planning on the possible story, villain and casting looks handsome. To accompany this story, please read this post as well.

    SOURCES: Market Saw, Screen Rant
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