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    August 23, 2010


    Week 34/2010
    US BOX OFFICE WEEKEND 20-22 August 2010
    This week in US Box Office, studio filled the weekend by dumping five wide releases, but none made any impact to the movie-goers, thus resulting in a second week stay atop for Stallone and his gang. The Expendables grossed up another estimated $16.5 million, a drop from last week's opening gross by 52.6%. The Expendables continued to trail behind last year's similar men-on-mission movie Inglourious Basterds by a fractional margin witht he Brad Pitt-starer has collected about $73 million in the same period. After 10 days, the macho men movie has raked in $64.9 million for Lionsgate, performing much better than Rambo. On record, The Expendables is now the fifth highest grossing movie on the studio history.

    Vampires Suck is 20th Century Fox attempt to draw in anti-Twilighters. The parody movie continues the work by master or rather the hatred duo of Aaron Seltzer and Jason Friedberg. However, the $12.2 million opening chest is enough to settle them as the runner-up and already has $18.6 million since its Wednesday start. While it failed to generate the same amount akin to Date Movie or Meet The Spartan, it did some decent business than 2008's disastrous Disaster Movie or even last year's Dance Flick.

    The other openers have generated decent to dismay results. Lottery Ticket scored a decent estimated $11.1 million for a fourth place, which was much greater than Love Don't Cost a Thing, The Longshots and The Cookout albeit not in the league of the Barbershop and Friday movies. Piranha 3D did some scares by collecting $10.0 million but the result is not amazing when factoring the fact that gross is fueled by extra 3D surcharge. Nanny McPhee Returns lost much of its predecessor's magic, making an estimated $8.3 million at 2,784 locations. The first Nanny McPhee debuted to $14.5 million four years ago. Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman-starring The Switch was largely ignored despite the star casting and it delivered only $8.1 million.

    Here's the the top ten movie from US Box Office for the weekend:

    Rank Movie Title Weekend Gross ($)Change (%) Total Gross ($)
    1 THE EXPENDABLES 16,500,000 -52.664,890,000
    2 VAMPIRES SUCK 12,200,000 NEW 18,564,000
    3 EAT PRAY LOVE 12,000,000 -48.1 47,100,000
    4 LOTTERY TICKET 11,125,000 NEW 11,125,000
    5 THE OTHER GUYS 10,100,000 -42.0 88,190,000
    6 PIRANHA 3D 10,035,000 NEW 10,035,000
    7 NANNY McPHEE RETURNS 8,310,000 NEW 8,310,000
    8 THE SWITCH 8,100,000 NEW 8,100,000
    9 INCEPTION 7,655,000 -32.2 261,848,000
    10 SCOTT PILGRIM VS THE WORLD 5,034,000 -52.6 20,730,000
    *Note: All figures are ESTIMATED grosses. Courtesy of BOX OFFICE MOJO.
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