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    September 17, 2010


    Not so long ago, there is an attempt to make a movie biopic based on Nirvana's legendary vocal rocker Kurt Cobain. Oren Moverman (The Messenger) has approached the idea to the Universal Pictures for endorsement. So far, we have not heard any feedback following that. Here's even better. Peter Morgan who has wrote lots of good screenplay like The Queen, is now writing a screenplay for the biopic about the legendary rock band Queen while more precisely, a biopic about Freddie Mercury. For that role, apparently the British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen has inked a deal to play the legendary rocker.

    What? Who's Queen? The ever famous 70s, 80s and 90s four piece British rock band that achieved so many phenomenal success for songs like Bohemian Rhapsody (my favourite), We are the Champion, The March of the Black Queen and Under Pressure, lead by the controversial lead vocalist Freddie Mercury.

    According to Deadline and Slash Film, the project and casting were confirmed with the financiers GK Films and should start production in 2011. Paramount Pictures will do the distributing works. The biopic should tackle the time frame that leading up to Queen's appearance at Live Aid 1985 while Mercury's death in 1991 won't be addressed. In the process GK Films has obtained rights to some of Queen's classic track to be featured in the film.

    The project has apparently received some support from the remaining members of Queen (Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon) who are also behind the film and formed a company to be part of the production team - according to Deadline is known as Queen Films. For sure we do not know if Cohen will sing or mimicking the unique voice of Freddie Mercury himself, but as far as most have known - Cohen can sing. It looks like an intriguing choice because Cohen has the exact looks like Mercury than any others. For those who worried that he will carried away with his performance from Borat or Bruno, let's be assured that he won't, plus he is a dynamic actor after all.
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