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    September 5, 2010


    It comes in as a shocker. The team behind the Mission: Impossible - Tom Cruise and producer JJ Abrams have envisioned that the upcoming Mission: Impossible IV will indeed a reboot. The news as such began to surface last week and it was reported that the fourth installment will not carrying any of the trademark Mission: Impossible title in it. This sounds similar to what Warner Bros has did to the second Batman movie under Nolan's helm that carried no 'Batman' title in it.

    Variety reported that paramount isn't just interested in making one Mission: Impossible movie merely, but preferred the fourth one would not carrying what was left in the third film.

    The fourth film has Tom Cruise, Ving Rhames and Simon Pegg, all returning for the new movie. If this is a reboot, how will these familiar faces fit in? If this is a reboot, will we see Ethan Hunt, a role that Cruise has been carrying for the last 3 installments could ceased on this fourth one? Is it possible that Ethan Hunt will pass the baton to another potential stars?

    Well, it would be an interesting news to see considering that while all of the other previous casting are returning to the fourth project, a few notable addition has been so far very impressive. The news that Jeremy Renner is joining them gave a very insightful taste. The man has received so much attention after Oscar his nomination for the movie The Hurt Locker. Since then, he has a very prominent role in the upcoming The Town and has signed in to play Hawk-Eye for Marvels. Deadline reported that it is most likely the baton of the M-I series could go to Renner. Even if the fifth film does come in when the times come, Cruise will most certainly be back for a Mission: Impossible 5 but if the character he plays, Ethan Hunt, is not the main character, Renner can lead the series forward.

    On the other hand, Paula Patton has signed into the movie for the lead role. Patton has a few filmography credits under her belt like Idlewild, Deja Vu and last year Oscar contender Precious. Deadline claims that she would star as a young operative who works with Cruise’s Ethan Hunt, but it’s already pretty clear that she will also play the love interest for either Cruise or Jeremy Renner’s character.

    Mission: Impossible IV (as we’re calling it until we hear of the new franchise name) will shoot in Vancouver, Prague, Dubai and parts of the U.S. this Fall under the direction of Brad Bird (The Incredibles). It already has a scheduled release date of December 16th, 2011.

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