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    September 2, 2010


    Warner Bros has announced the appointment of Jonathan Liebesman to direct the sequel to Clash of the Titans. Liebesman, the director of the upcoming alien invasion blockbuster Battle: Los Angeles has been on the top choice since word broke out back in June that Warner Bros was looking for a replacement to Louis Leterrier.

    Heat Vision Blog and Screen Rant reported the news along with the uphill task to bring the epic sword-and-sandal picture to overcome the bad taste of the first film, where the studio has spent the whole summer discussing about the film. For most of my opinion, I thought Clash of the Titans was a decent adventure - not epic nor grand in any scale, particularly a bit shameful considering the poor quality following the post-production 3-D conversion that really ****s.

    There are still some reasons to look forward for the second adventure of Perseus and Io after all. Back then, it was claimed that the film will indeed shot in 3D. The studio has been attaching the sequel with some of the top talent writer for the movie - including Dan Mazeau and Leslie Johnson's script and Greg Berlanti's further treatment could be something to look for.

    We suggest that the fans should not be surprised if both sam Worthington and Gemma Arteton will be reprising their role. Titans 2 may hit the theaters as early as 2012.
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