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    September 16, 2010


    Yesterday, GREEN TEA BERN was able to sneak preview the early release of M Night Shyamalan's produced Devil, the first in the planned three series in The Night Chronicles. GTB has posted on the Twitter regarding a sneak short review about the movie. What I can said, the movie lacked certain idea and depends too much on randomness to persist. It wasn't that bad either, considering Shyamalan had made even worst movies previously.

    Now, while the full review of Devil is not baked yet, news have emerged on Deadline and Slash Film that the second part of the chronicles has already in the development. Twelve Strangers as it previously titled has now retitled into Reincarnate. Buried screenwriter Chris Sparling was hired to write the second Night Chronicles film, while The Last Exorcism director Daniel Stamm is now confirmed and set to helm the movie.

    No casting has been made but the shooting is expected to begin next year. Reincarnate will remain to focus on the supernatural encounter experienced by a jury, who holds the key to a case revolving around an accused murderer.

    SOURCES: Slash Film, Deadline
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