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    October 23, 2010


    Earlier this week, Green Tea Movie updated that The Hobbit has numerous potential casting circulating following MGM's decision to give the production for the prequel to The Lord of the Rings trilogy a-go. One of those was Martin Freeman who has been linked to the main pivotal role of Bilbo Baggins. Today, it is confirmed that Freeman, who has some praised performance as Dr John Watson in the modern reinvention of Sherlock on small screen in UK, will take on the role as the main role.

    To give it an extra boost, the casting for the long-delayed production is now picking up fast. Screen Rant shared the source from The Hollywood Reporter that New Line Cinemas beside confirming Freeman's involvement, also confirming a list of actors that will be taking the roles of the Company of Dwarves.

    Leading the band is Richard Armitage as Thorin, the leader of the Dwarves, who was briefly mentioned in the first part of LOTR. Aidan Turner (Kili), Rob Kazinsky (Fili), Graham Mctavish (Dwalin), John Callen (Oin), Stephen Hinter (Bombur), Mark Hadlow (dori) and Peter Hambleton (Gloin) will also be making their contributions into the production.

    Both parts of The Hobbit are to be shot back-to-back, scheduled to start this February. We hope it will make it into the cinema on December 2012.

    SOURCES: Screen Rant, The Hollywood Reporter
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