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    October 1, 2010


    Good news to Star Wars fans! George Lucas recently announced that the Star Wars franchise will received the 'dreadful' 3-D conversion treatment and will be re-released into the cinema for one episode per year. It sounds both tempting and hilariously unnecessary to me. Honestly, the only people on Earth that will get excited about this are the fans of the two Star Wars trilogies. As far as it concerned, still, it is unnecessary.

    Even so, I am wondering how Star Wars would look like in 3-D too. Giving with some major step up on the 3-D conversion, as again been hailed by the master James Cameron who has recently talked about his plan to convert Titanic into 3D. This re-release in 3D, I should have see this coming. Screen Rant and Heat Vision report that George Lucas is officially planning the re-release of all six Star Wars movies in 3D starting with Phantom Menace in 2012. That obviously means Lucas is going the route of releasing them in chronological order as opposed to the order in which they were originally released.

    If the Phantom of Menace 3D garnered some convincing numbers, I don't see any reason why this could not be done. Some more, I have no doubts that the figures from the box office counter would be anything lower than any of the recent misfire 3D productions. Thus, if everything goes according to the script, we will see February 2012 as the release of Episode 1 - Phantom of Menace and ended in styles with Return of the Jedi in February 2017.

    SOURCES: Screen Rant, Heat Vision
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