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    November 16, 2010


    Paramount Pictures has now attached Cowboys and Aliens with a teaser poster. The poster debuted on Yahoo yesterday gave a clear indication of the plot story. The poster has James Bond err...Daniel Craig facing backward with a cowboy-rifle gun and wearing a techno wrist band on his left arm. Check out the poster below, courtesy of Screen Rant and Yahoo Movie.

    It is also understood that usually when a new teaser poster is up, it will only be a matter of time on when the new trailer is going to debut. It is encouraging to now to confirm that the new trailer of Cowboys and Aliens will making its round this Wednesday.

    So do check back later this week for two important trailers - Green Lantern as we have mentioned a few days ago as well as this.

    The first preview exclusively mentioned by screen Rant has been very positive. Head over here to read on their thoughts. The movie which will set for release on July 29 next year has a very intriguing casting which consists of Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford, Olivia Wilde and Sam Rockwell
    At the mean time, here's another smoking photo for you.

    And this one too.

    Cowboys & Aliens
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