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    November 17, 2010


    The trailer for the upcoming DC Comics adaptation the Green Lantern has finally arrived. It was previewed on Entertainment Tonight over the weekend, set to premier on Tuesday evening (Wednesday morning here). Before we discuss a little deeper, let's watch the trailer first shall we?

    The trailer gave a pretty clear story of the backbone and the origin of the Green Lantern, which is pretty much expected. The tone of the trailer has a great mixture of both choking up humors and dealing with some pretty serious stuffs, which is good. Considering that the fact where Green Lantern isn't much of as serious as Batman or Superman movies (leave aside Batman & Robin please!), this is pretty decent trailer.

    The first half is more down to Earth kind of story as we see Hal doing some test pilot for Ferris. Things turn awkward in the second half, with more images from the alien planets, Green Lantern suits revealed and chopping helicopter crashing to a party. Effects were average judging from the trailer as we have understand that the special effects may not have the slight touch up yet.

    Besides the titular character of Green Lantern (played by Ryan Reynolds), we get a glimpse of his love interest (Blake Lively), Sinestro (Mark Strong) and the main villain Dr Hector Hammond, the enlarged head mad-scientist, played by Peter Sarsraard.

    The movie will arrived on June 17, 2011 in USA and is scheduled to open on June 16 in Malaysia. Share your excitement or disagreement on the comment box below.

    SOURCE: Trailer Addict, picture taken from Slash Film
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