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    December 8, 2010


    DreamWorks' I Am Number Four has got a second trailer. Produced by Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg, while directed by DJ Caruso, the names of the three are amazing enough to speak for itself. Watch the new trailer below and expect yourself to immerse in another Twilight-like movie, possibly!

    I Am Number Four which is based on the newly released teenager novel about a group of humanoid extra-terrestrial kids who seek refuge from the superpower alien nemesis who destroyed their home planet. Alex Pettyfer plays Number Four (or John Smith among the human). He possesses some form of telekinesis and superpower, while is guarded by an assigned mentor named Henri (played by Timothy Olyphant). The nemesis arrive our world to kill all the nine kids but need to do so in a sequence order. The enemies are making their way to Four as the first three had already been killed.

    With the cheesy looking second trailer, I have rest down my expectation for this movie now. It is not difficult to parallel it with Twilight apart that it has more explosion and more sci-fi in nature. I Am Number Four arrives in regular and IMAX form this February.

    SOURCE: Trailer Addict
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