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    December 8, 2010


    The duo from District 9 will be re-teaming again for their next project. Director Neil Blomkamp and actor Sharlto Copley have mentioned before that their latest project will be another thought-provoking science fiction that sets in a distant alien planet. Yes, we have confirmation yesterday thanks to Deadline and Screen Rant, that the duo will be moving forward for Elysium.

    Elysium roots from the Greek mythology, referring to a portion of the underworld reserved for the blessed soul. If the Greek mythology is to go by with the film’s premise (which we so far have heard nothing), it could be a retelling of utopia society in the alien civilization. Deadline reported that the movie will address some of social or political issues, while also been a more straightforward Hollywood blockbuster.

    Blomkamp will receive financial backing from Media Rights Capital (definitely distributed by Universal Pictures) without the involvement of his mentor, Peter Jackson. Blomkamp is currently making the project sellable by developing a graphic novel version of Elysium.

    Now, we know that Blomkamp will not be making Elysium before he signed up again to do a continuation of District 9 movie. The sequel seems imminent since Sony Pictures still insist on a sequel to the highly success last year’s hit, which earned itself an enthusiastic reception, handsome profit and respectable Best Picture nod. Elysium could be an interesting movie to look for while we are waiting for a sequel of District 9.

    SOURCES: Screen Rant, Deadline
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