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    March 9, 2011


    It seems that Peter Pan is one of those story that has been given countless of adaptations, remakes, reboots and re-imaginations whether it is in animated or live action movies. Today, or rather it's been a week now that rumors about the possibility new Peter Pan movie will be made, and it seems that it is happening soon.

    It started out as a silent movie in 1924 and then Walt Disney's uptake 3 decades later, it has spawned at least 3 movies that follow up the nostalgic character, books and play by J. M. Barrie: Stephen Spielberg did Hook in 1991, Return to Never Land in 2002 and P.J. Hogan's Peter Pan in 2003. Fast forward to present day - now, Sony has won the rights to the new adaptation of Peter Pan, retitling it as Pan. Channing Tatum is already attached to star.

    Alice in Wonderland producer Joe Roth and The Hunger Games screenwriter Billy Ray are turning the story into something differently than the original story. Their plan is to make Peter Pan and the evil Captain Hook as actual brothers. It leaves it into your imagination to fill the gap and questions how Peter get stuck with his age and will never grows up, leaving Captain Hook to live a normal life.

    Screen Rant and Heat Vision reports that the new Peter Pan will dealt the origins of the characters and how the brothers' struggle eventually becomes brother vs brother epic of swashbuckling. Heat Vision, as quoted to say:

    The package, which seeks to tell the origin of the flying immortal, went out last Tuesday, generating strong interest. Bidding came down to three suitors and sources said the deal was in the $1 million range. Tatum, his producing partner Reid Carolin and Eric Bromberg came up with the idea and brought it to Ray, Roth and Roth Films' Palak Patel. The five of them further developed the idea into the pitch, which envisioned Pan and Captain Hook as brothers.

    So, guys, should Peter Pan in a new direction necessary?

    SOURCE: Screen Rant, Heat Vision
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