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    April 18, 2011


    For the first time since last year's Christmas, the weekend box office has finally broke the jinx of long running slump and trailing last year's figure. We know that will come to an end and it comes on this week. Three new openers in the Box Office have solid and strong opening numbers. While industry has been putting Scream 4 for the gold medal, it looks like it was indeed the family animation Rio who finished the week in first place. With their openings, this was the first genuinely up weekend year-over-year since early November, boasting a nearly 11 percent increase over 2010, when Kick-Ass and How to Train Your Dragon led.

    Rio led the weekend with an estimated $40 million from 3,826 locations with 3D accounting for 58% of the business. Rio opened better than the year's top two openers who were also family animated features - Rango's (not really a normal family feature) $38.1 million and Hop's $37.5 million. However, when comparing with other animations from 20th Century Fox, the start is lower than 'Ice Age', 'Robots' and 'Dr Seuss' Horton Hears a Who!.' Distributor 20th Century Fox's exit polling indicated that 53 percent of Rio's audience was female and 50 percent was under 25 years old. Business for Rio was further boost by the fact that it has now reached $168 million worldwide now and it is expected that the midweek business is to be strong with current school holiday.

    A decade after the absent and it feels quite a long time now. Scream franchise goes on for a fourth hunting. The horror sequel grossed an estimated $19.3 million from 3,305 locations. The number is far cry from the franchise best opening of $34.7 million for 'Scream 3' back in February 2000. The master of horror Wes Craven has lost some of his magical touch and credibility following numbers of duds over the decade, except 2005's 'Red Eye.' Distributor The Weinstein Company's research showed that 52 percent of Scream 4's audience was female and 54 percent was under 25 years old.

    The third opener landed at ninth place. The Conspirator, the Robert Redford's saga on the plot of assassination of President Abraham Lincolm received a mediocre critical success but technically still able to generate an estimated $3.9 million opening from only 707 locations.

    The rest of the Box Office numbers can be obtained below:

    Rank Title Weekend Gross ($) Change (%) Total Gross ($)
    1 RIO 40,000,000 NEW 40,000,000
    2 SCREAM 4 19,279,000 NEW 19,279,000
    3 HOP 11,167,000 -47.6 82,609,000
    4 SOUL SURFER 7,400,000 -30.2 19,997,000
    5 HANNA 7,327,000 -40.8 23,327,000
    6 ARTHUR 6,940,000 -43.2 22,348,000
    7 INSIDIOUS 6,857,000 -26.8 35,983,0000
    8 SOURCE CODE 6,300,000 -27.2 36,990,000
    9 THE CONSPIRATOR 3,924,000 NEW 3,924,000
    10 YOUR HIGHNESS 3,895,000 -58.4 15,952,0000
    11 LIMITLESS 3,794,000 -30.5 69,723,000
    12 THE LINCOLN LAWYER 3,000,000 -29.9 50,570,000
    *Note: All figures are ESTIMATED grosses. Courtesy of BOX OFFICE MOJO
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