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    April 2, 2011


    It looks lazy somehow but at the end of February we have ourselves a cool teaser trailer. probably you should go back and have a check here. Now we have ourselves the first official trailer that really kick things in. Finally, the Warner Bros. has released The Hangover: Part 2 first detailed look and the Todd Phillips' film is set to retain the same elements of fun, action and bromedy in this second outing in Thailand.

    Watch the trailer now:

    Yes, it looks impressive but isn't it recycles all we have known from the first movie. The same Wolf Pack with Justin Bartha again not involved in this round. The case of hangover this time also looks familiar; someone is missing, an animal appears out of nowhere, Stu got something on his face and the same premise of searching clues found on the pocket. Deja vu?

    No signs of other cameos like Mike Tyson, Liam Neeson, Paul Giamatti and President Bill Clinton. The Hangover 2 will be releasing in the United States on Memorial Day (26th May 2011) but the audiences in Malaysia will have to wait until August 11.
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