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    April 3, 2011


    Once again, I want to remind you how dissatisfy was I when the Warner Bros. first rolled out the first trailer for their upcoming DC Comics adaptation of The Green Lantern. It was chessy, unfunny and did not highlight the main point at all. You can go back and have a look here at the this link. While many are still not convinced if Warner Bros has done the right thing, let's be assured that this movie, while may not be the top on many watcher's list is still something we should go and to be look forward for as well. In the year when superheroes are set to rule the stage, The Green Lantern has so far becoming much like a dud, comparing the likes of the X-Mens and Captain America, even the uninspired Thor's trailers look much better than this.

    Now, thanks to the on-going WonderCon, we are now able to look more into the movie. This time, not so much abut the canny side of the movie, rather the new 4-minutes footages from WonderCon has revealed the other side of the movie. These new images examine the movie and tackling the main core this time. I have to say Warner Bros has done right this time by bringing in the science-fiction gun in proper. The Green Lantern is not a mere costumed superheroes who marches on the street fighting criminal, but also an extravaganza on how science fiction really takes place on its universe and what impact of high technology from the extra-terrestrial brings towards the character Hal Jordan and our world.

    Now take a look at the new footages and tell em what you think. Does the new footages give you the desired need to watch The Green Lantern coming this June?

    The Green Lantern is arriving on June 17 in the United States and in Malaysia. It is directed by Martin Campbell, and stars Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Mark Strong and Peter Sarsgaard.
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