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    May 5, 2011


    These days, Hollywood studios can do what ever they like to earn some cash cow with their every inch of possibility. Similarly, to explore every piece of properties they own and to use it at the right time and at the right buzz. Hands up, how many of you do watch Glee? If you do, here's something to make you go a little excited.

    20th Century Fox who owns the right for the Emmy-award winning musical TV series is currently planning for some hot stuff - Glee in cinema. Deadline reported that a feature film based on the Glee Live! In Concert! North American tour is currently under development. The reason? To allow Gleeks members who were unable to secure tickets to the concert to be able to watch it in 3D in the cinemas. There don't have a title for the planned movie yet but we all know that Kevin Tancharoen (Fame) will be directing.

    For acknowledgement, concert movies have become a phenomenon mini-genre these days. Thus, it sounds completely sane for Hollywood studios to fight for the race. Over the last few years, every major studio has unveiled their plan for a musical/concert movie. Two years ago, Sony Pictures heard plenty of 'ka-ching' when they released the Michael Jackson documentary "This Is It". We also have Walt Disney bringing The Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana) right before the audience, while Paramount Pictures also recently released Justin Bieber's "Never Say Never"

    As for the planned Glee 3D concert movie, we will able to see all the 14 main members of the show performing. No words yet if it is going to hit our shore at the moment.

    [SOURCE: Deadline]
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