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    May 3, 2011


    The movie production nowadays are quite costly. You need substantial money to get the rights for a source, to hire director, writers and actors, and probably cost during the film shooting. There is no surprise at the time when movie making is using a lot of money, Hollywood need to invent a new model of financial strategy to survive. All movies have their own budget, even as minimal as few hundred thousand dollars in Paranormal Activity to up to $400 million for Avatar. Regardless of their price tag, financial support through the "brand partners" can help ease the burden of Hollywood studios.

    That is an introduction and here is the story. The Australian newspaper (via TheFilmStage.com and Screen Rant) has reported that the yet-untitled James Bond film (or currently known as Bond 23) will feature a record-breaking product placement of up to $45 million. The same amount is equivalent to about a third of the film's production cost. It was reported that MGM studio and the film distributor Sony have inked the deal to allow such amount to be raised form companies wanting to have their brands displayed in the movie.

    According to the Australian newspaper again, "The figure is twice the previous record, held by Steven Spielberg's Minority Report, released in 2002. Lexus, Bulgari and American Express together paid about $20m to appear in the film."

    James Bond movies are known to have featured plenty of product placement all over. Take for instance the following scenes:

    1. Bond (Pierce Brosnan) has been driving BMW cars around in the "Golden Eye", "The World Is Not Enough" and "Die Another Day"
    2. Bond (Daniel Craig) has been spotted on several occasions using his Sony Ericsson K800i Cyber Shot in "Casino Royale"
    3. Vesper Lynd (Eva Green) used Sony Ericsson M600i in "Casino Royale"
    4. Then, Bond (Daniel Craig) upgraded his phone to C902
    5. In "Casino Royale", Bond was talking about his Omega watch with Vesper

    For these and more product placement....

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