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    June 7, 2011


    Stephen Sommer's G.I. Joe looks dreadful in almost every angle. Taking the hot Hasbro properties for granted has certainly raising plenty of criticism from fanboys and the general audience. Indeed, it makes the potential franchise to look way goofy and cheesy on standard, cartoonish and been silly. Here's a chance to set things right again.

    Paramount Pictures has recently announced that they were appointing director John Chu (Step Up 2, Step Up 3D, Justin Bieber: Never Say Never) to helm the sequel. We also been informed a few months ago that the sequel will only feature a handful of returning characters (Rachel Nichols spilled some beans that only Snake Eye, Storm Shadow and Duke will be returning).

    Photo credit: Screen Rant

    Now we have some more updates to be reported. The sequel is now entitled G.I. Joe 2: Cobra Strikes but it is still remain much of a question why some of the important characters from the first movie were left out for the sequel, particularly Cobra Commander when this sequel subtitles clearly states their intention to strike back.

    Other than that, Screen Rant and Deadline reported that one of the favorite G.I. Joe character, Roadblock will be joining the G.I. Joe team in director John Chu’s upcoming film. It is rumored that Dwayne Johnson is said to be circling the role. "Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner has previously described as being a standalone picture that doesn’t require familiarity with the first film. However, while Duke’s return has been all but a given, this is the first semi-official confirmation that Roadblock would be joining the party."

    If you are unfamiliar with the character, "Roadblock is a character from Hasbro's G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero series of toys, comics and cartoons. He is one of the most prominent African-Americans in the series. His primary function in G.I. Joe is as a heavy machine gunner and a secondary function as a cook." - from Wikipedia

    Now to say Dwayne Johnson doesn't look suit for the role is an understatement. Look at the picture header again and tell me it is impossible! With a largely new cast, new director (Chu) and Zombieland duo Rhett Reese and Paul Wernicke now tackling scripting duties, Cobra Strikes should be an improvement over its predecessor.
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