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    June 25, 2011


    The hypes over 3-D movies may just start to bloom in Malaysia but we have seen a lot of 3-D movies under-performing at the US Box Office chart. Recent 3D movies like Kung Fu Panda 2 and Pirates of the Caribbean 4 grossed lesser than their predecessors, although both should have benefited from the extra surcharge of 3-Ds. The problem could spells the beginning of the downward interest on 3-D movies in the Hollywood. For Malaysian, we have just tasted the appetizers. For Hollywood, it's the dessert hour when it is about that time to think-tank some fresh new idea. Although it is not really a new idea, considering the same concept and technology has existed in Japan for quite some times, Hollywood may find itself a new trend for 4-D. So, move away 3-D, the extra, extra dimensional is coming.

    The upcoming Robert Rodriguez's project, Spy Kids: All the Time in the World 4-D, the sequel to the Spy Kids franchise may start the new revolution in the cinema industry by resurrecting the aroma-enhanced technology that once used during the 50s. In 2003, Spy Kids 3-D, the predecessor did revolutionized the idea and interests on making 3-D movies back then. 8 years later, another revolution is about to be created. Head over to USA Today for the details. The movie opens on August 19 in the United States.

    "After Spy Kids 3, I had to do something new, add another surprise," says Rodriguez in an interview with the USA Today. As I said, you can read the full article at USA Today in regards the history of 4-D and its recent revival at the Japanese industry.

    Basically, Rodriguez is going to use Aromascope where each movie audience will be given a card loaded with eight different smells for free at 2-D and 3-D showings. How is it works you wonder? It is more interactive and more towards allowing the audience to experience touch-and-sniff now by wiping your finger over the scent designated. A tutorial will be given by Ricky Gervais, who speaks for the movie's robotic dog, will play before the story begins.

    Now have a look at the trailer below and start smelling. Chances are and hopefully not some smells of garlic or farts! Okay, the trailer looks stupid!!

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